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The Concept-Therapy Philosophy provides the tools that will help anyone--in any walk of life or condition of health or wellness, physically, mentally, or spiritually--have a better life. If you sincerely study and apply our work, you are on the road to more health, happiness, success, and peace of mind. We have classes available that you can take in person, online, on demand, and on DVD. We offer a large selection of printed books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, and downloadable MP3s. Scan down our list of life-changing products and select the ones that appeal to you most. You will find that you will return again and again as you experience the value of what we offer. 

Convention 2017 Recommended Media

These dynamic and inspirational convention talks are a must for every thinking person. The recommended class audios and lectures by pioneers of our ...

Rays of the Dawn Books & Booklets

28 steps to attain Health, Happiness, Success, and Peace of Mind.

More Books & Booklets

The secret of healing the body, mind, and soul from many sources.

Rays of the Dawn Audios

28 steps to healing the body, mind, and soul with audio.

Health Charts

World's best health reminders.

Classes on DVD

A complete set of tools to attain a better life - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Health Practice

Help for healing you may not have thought about.